What can I purchase with Bison Bucks?

Since Bison Bucks is tied to meal plans, you may only purchase FOOD items from participating food merchants.

Which student meal plans have initial Bison Bucks funds?

Which student meal plans can I add Bison Bucks to?

Can staff and faculty participate in the Bison Bucks program?

YES! All Nichols staff and faculty have Bison Bucks attached to their Nichols ID card and can log into GET BISON BUCKS web site to add money. Unlike student meal plans, staff and faculty Bison Bucks never expire. They roll over from year to year.

How do I add money?

Simply log into GET BISON BUCKS web site and click ADD FUNDS. The money will be added immediately.

How can I see my balance?

Your balance and recent transactions are listed on the first page of GET BISON BUCKS web site.

How can my parents (or anyone else) add money?

There are two methods for others to add money to your Bison Bucks. You will get an email when the funds have been added.

What merchants participate in Bison Bucks?

A complete list of merchants is listed under "GET PLACES" section of GET BISON BUCKS web site.

How can I find more information about a merchant?

Click on the specific merchant in "GET PLACES" to display more information, such as their web site, directions, and hours of operation.

How can I search for merchants who sell specific food items?

Under "GET PLACES", click on the down arrow near "Category" and select an item to filter the list.

What happens to my Bison Bucks at end of semester?

Fall Semester to Spring - All initial and deposits to Bison Bucks will roll over from fall semester to spring.

NOTE: Any unused Bison Bucks whether initial or deposited, will be forfeited if not used by May 1, 2024.