What is Bison Bucks?

Nichols College created the Bison Bucks program to be the ultimate complement to your college experience.  Your Nichols Student ID can be used for dining on campus, but we realize that students and parents want more. So we partnered with your favorite off campus merchants to give you the ultimate flexibility, variety and value you deserve.

The Bison Bucks system is BUILT RIGHT INTO your existing Nichols ID card. Every student meal plan includes some initial Bison Bucks. Bison Bucks can only be used for FOOD purchases.

What can I use Bison Bucks for?

Use your Bison Bucks account on and off campus and get MORE:

Spending Power

Flexibility / Freedom



Bison Bucks Details

How does Bison Bucks work?

Simple. Your Nichols ID card can be used like a debit card for FOOD purchases. The card gets swiped at the time of purchase at participating locations. The tab is deducted from your Bison Bucks account and the balance is automatically adjusted. No more digging into your spending money, late night stops at the ATM or charging up credit cards.

Rollover Bison Bucks

You've heard of rollover minutes? Well, any deposits you personally make to your Bison Bucks account will roll over from fall semester to spring semester.

However, any unused Bison Bucks remaining on a student account will be forfeited if not used by May 1, 2024.

Participating Merchants

Check out our participating merchants!